The Drowned Phoenician Sailor by Lesley Hayes

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The Drowned Phoenician Sailor by Lesley HayesThe Drowned Phoenician Sailor by Lesley Hayes
Genres: Fiction
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Fynn is resolutely unromantic, a bit of a loner, and sceptical about life before death, never mind after it. And yet since she was fifteen her dead sister has been visiting her on a regular basis. Fynn doesn’t believe in ghosts so is she crazy? Three years after starting psychotherapy with Paul, she arrives for a session and finds him lying dead on the couch. But this is just the beginning... The same night she gatecrashes Paul’s funeral he turns up in his newly disembodied form and her dilemma takes a different turn... And when she meets the enigmatic Jack, washed up like driftwood on a beach in Cornwall, she begins to revise her jaded beliefs and expectations, discovering that life, and death, is far more mysterious and intricate than she imagined.
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The Drowned Phoenician Sailor

The Drowned Phoenician Sailor is written in the first person and from the very first line you are pulled into the story. Lesley Hayes words create imagery while moving the story forward. Beginning with the character being awoken by a rather persistent companion (and having been there myself I could relate to this) she goes about her daily routine, using inner thoughts and some beautifully descriptive writing to start the story off.

The synopsis of The Drowned Phoenician Sailor promises an exciting read, and if the first chapter is anything to judge by I can certainly believe that.

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