Self-Editing on a Penny

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Self-Editing on a PennySelf Editing on a Penny by Ashlyn Forge
Genres: Non-Fiction
Pages: 161
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You've just written a book—a masterpiece, the next great classic, the single piece of literature that's going to be required reading a hundred years from now long after you're good and dead and most of mankind has been replaced by robots. what? Can you afford an editor? How do you decide on a good one? And how much of it can you do by yourself? Grammar Style Syntax Plot Development Proofreading Formatting And, more importantly, cost-saving methods Self-Editing on a Penny was written by an independent author FOR independent authors. Don't make the same costly mistakes I've made. Self-Edit first.

Self-Editing on a Penny

Self-Editing on a Penny is written by an independent author for independent authors and covers a comprehensive range of topics – from simple grammar to the process of finding an editor.

This book covers a range of techniques commonly used by editors, such as the removal of repetition, minimising the use of adverbs and overused words, as well as talking you through the basics of grammar that many of us may have forgotten over the years.

Examples are given to enhance the points made in a memorable fashion. It’s cynical in places, humorous in others, but the ‘voice’ never falters from the overall message of the book – that high standards of writing should never be overlooked.

Not everyone can afford an editor. Self-editing on a Penny not only provides advice on what to look out for when hiring an editor, it provides solutions to those who really do need to self-edit. One example that I found to be a fascinating concept was ‘The Typo Party’ whereby you would invite readers to catch those last few typos (after editing and proofreading has been completed, of course).

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Self Editing on a penny


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  1. ronnie

    A wonderful tool with honest, straightforward writing on how to improve your manuscript on your own. It doesn’t claim that you should do it alone, just how to do your best before essentially finding a great editor. And the tips here make me feel like this is the modern day equivalent to strunk and white. How to avoid word repetition, varying sentence structure and more. Her tone is humorous (appreciated) and engaging. This is both a learning experience and a nice refresher for writers of all levels. It’s a book, you should be reading anyways, so why not read it and improve your craft at the same time. After a read through, leave some post its to areas you know you want to go back to, and flip to them while editing, use it as a quick go to reference manual! 🙂

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