Paradise Exhumed

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Paradise ExhumedParadise Exhumed by Ian Thompson
Series: Ray Hammett Thrillers #1
Genres: Action & Adventure, Detective, Fiction, Mystery
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Two reporters. A relentless killer. A desperate race to stop the slaughter.

In an exclusive English village for millionaires, residents believe their safety is guaranteed... until the infamous celebrity Gemini Hart is found horrifically murdered in her own home.

Reporters Ray Hammett and Jessica Summers investigate. They are shrewd, courageous and caring, and share a humorous camaraderie. Soon their new partnership is tested to its limits.

Inside the village, the pair find eccentricities, deceptions, hatreds and dark secrets, which reveal that this suburban paradise is rotten to the core. As more murders compound the mystery, Hammett and Jessica struggle against vicious gangsters, disbelieving police and murderous attacks.

Nothing makes sense. Many people lie about knowing Hart. Everyone is hiding something. Hart's enemies form a huge list of suspects. Some of the killer's new victims are ex-lovers of Hart, others enemies, others seem to have no link to her. Hart’s past, from beginnings as a prostitute to her rise to fame and fortune, proves vital to the case. As the bodycount rises, every suspect is alibied for at least one murder...

A twisting whodunnit that blends vibrant characters, investigation, lethal danger and thrilling action.

Paradise Exhumed commences in medias res. Written in the third person, the reader can’t help but be pulled into the story from the very first line. The character finds herself in a situation none of us to wish to be in. It’s chilling, to say the least, but if you like your thrillers packed with action and emotion, and if the first section is anything to go by, then this has the promise of being a great read.

Chapter one changes to the first person point of view. The voice is great and the writing is fluent, with no grammatical errors that I could see. From the little I read it certainly seems like a fast-paced, edge of the seat read, and if the synopsis stands true to its words, I imagine this book will have a lot of twists and turns along the way.

And… on a final note… I have to say that I think the title of this novel really matches the details given in the synopsis.

From the author of Paradise Exhumed:

“The concept for Paradise Exhumed was to combine several elements which are widely loved: the quirky character-style of classic Midsomer Murders; the twisting mystery of Sherlock Holmes; and the action and danger of a hard-boiled private detective tale. I wanted a fast-paced, baffling whodunnit with an atmosphere of dire threat. Once I began writing, the novel evolved quickly into a form of its own and I hope readers really enjoy the result.”

Paradise Exhumed

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