Indie book Shoutout

I hate having to write this, but due to time restraints, I need to close this website down and return to my original plan of specialising in promoting only science-fiction and fantasy books. If I’m being honest with you (and myself) that is where my heart is.

I have removed the book listing request form, but anyone who has so far requested a listing for a non-SFF book will be added to the tweeting schedule for three months, which I hope will go some way to helping you get word out.

I do apologise for mucking people about, it is not my intention, but there is only one of me and this site is being neglected. The majority of books on here are science-fiction and fantasy, so a small minority will be affected by this.

I will be continuing to promote science fiction and fantasy books on and authors in this genre should submit their books here for assessment:

Submit Scifi/Fantasy Book listing request